Facilities & Specialised Units
Delta Medical Centre
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last updated: 22 July, 2004
Maun - Botswana
The hospital currently boasts of the following facilities and specialised units:
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11.Pharmacy (pharmacy page)
1.Emergency room
2.Surgical ward
3.High care unit
4.Operating theatre
5.Maternity & ante-natal / labour units
7.Laboratory and X-Ray unit
8.Medical ward
9.Outpatient and mobile home care nnit
10.Physiotherapy (physiotherapy page)
Emergency room

Our Emergency room is located near the main entrance to the Hospital for ease of access.
The resuscitation or revival of patients brought in a critical condition takes place here.
The patients are stabilised here before admitting them to the ward.
The room is fully equipped with the necessary equipment such as Boyles Machine, Ambubags, ET Tubes, Laryngoscopes, Nebuliser, and Suction Machine etc.
Surgical ward

This extremely busy ward is mainly responsible for most of the pre- and post-operative medical care of a comprehensive scope of procedures ranging from circumcisions to other more complicated procedure. This ward has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and patient care.
High Care Unit

The High Care Unit caters for a wide range of medical and surgical conditions that require critical care. The highly trained doctors and nursing personnel ensure that the patient is well cared for during the critical phase of an illness before being transferred to a general ward.
Operating Theatre

Delta Medical Centre Private Hospital has a spacious theatre situated next to the emergency room. Our Theatre staff are all highly trained, professional and dedicated to their work. The Theatre is fully operational 24 hours a day including public holidays, to accommodate the pressing routine of the Specialist Surgeon and other resident specialists. The Theatre is used for various procedures.
Maternity & Ante-natal / Labour units

This unit is equipped to provide a very peaceful, homely and comely environment for both the expectant mother and the new baby. The staff are equally equipped with expertise and many years of experience so that the patient the needs of the patient are cared for. 
This unit is looked after by highly trained staff who ensure that the mother is well looked after from the moment of arrival to beyond delivery of her child. The unit also offers the new mother and baby exclusive lodging in our beautiful private rooms.

Laboratory & X-Ray Unit

The Hospital’s Laboratory and X Ray Unit is equipped with modern equipment and fully qualified professionals who are happy to give service to the patient. The X Ray section offers general Radiography and special investigations such as intravenous Urography, Hysterosalpingography (HSG), Barium meal and enemas. Fluoroscopy with image intensifier. The department also performs non-invasive and invasive sonography such as abdominal, obstetrics and gynaecological investigations.