Our Mission & Vision
Delta Medical Centre
We treat ... God heals.
last updated: 22 July, 2004
Maun - Botswana
1. To provide cost effective health care to all citizens, residents and visitors in
Botswana in general and Maun and its environs in particular.
2. To conduct research and establish better management of common
diseases in the country and the region.
3. To act as a referral centre of excellence for the country’s medical needs
where such needs cannot be met by peripheral medical institutions.
4. To provide home based care for discharged and terminally ill patients as
well as carry out community based visits to surrounding areas.
5. To enhance the spiritual upliftment of the sick and needy based on
Christian principles.

The Delta Medical Centre Private Hospital has as part of its community programmes visits to surrounding villages around Maun in the North West District where a doctor gives free consultation and some medications to people in the area. Dr. Todd Price, a Specialist Infections disease Physician and the World Outreach Mission have been of invaluable help to the hospital especially in the outreach programme. Other organisations that have assisted the hospital in its attempt to maintain the holistic role  include International Aid and AMRF.